The Two Great Lights

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In the times we live in, many are looking for quick fixes or silver bullets to solve their immediate needs and challenges. From Hollywood movies and social media, many seem to believe that there is always an “AHA!” moment to success. Not necessarily true.

Karl Benz, a German inventor and engineer built the first practical automobile powered by an internal combustion engine. He did research on his first automobile Bertha Benz, and tried driving his model of a car at night. For many people would have ridiculed and laugh at him for dreaming of a horseless carrier. Finally, in 1893, his company produced the first four-wheeled car.

Within every human, is a quest to be important. To be great. To be a person of influence. To do something that will make the world marvel. Salvador Dali said “No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist”.
To many, after the sun goes down, they believe no important work can be done again. Even if they have personal assignments goals and projects to work on, the view of the deadline is simply what they require to scare them enough to do the necessary work. Have you ever caught yourself saying more often than you should that “I am tired”, “I am not inspired”, “I don’t feel like doing anything”, “I will do it tomorrow”, “I don’t feel motivated”, “The day is already over”? Guilty or not guilty? However, if you keep allowing yourself to say it, it becomes a habit.

Between dusk and dawn is your time to recharge yourself.

Work on your personal projects. Improve on some major aspect of your life, learn something you had always wanted to learn.
“Routine in an intelligent man is a sign of ambition” W. H. Auden. To do great work that matters, to be excellent at anything you set out for, you must use not only your daylight time wisely, but also your moonlight time. By this I am not encouraging everyone to become a “night owl”. There are two great lights every day – the greater light and the lesser light. The greater light being the sun and the lesser light being the moon.
Between dusk and dawn is your time to recharge yourself
Symmetry exists and is imbibed in all of nature. So is the day. Taking this further, the sun rules the day from 6am to 6pm, and then the moon takes over from 6pm to 6am. What you do with your evenings and early mornings (rule of the lesser light) is critical to how the rest of your day (period of greater light) will be like.
During the day, we all go about our businesses and daily obligations. Daytime comes and goes too quick. It is full of noise and distractions. The pressure to meet up to the demands of the day is enormous. At night however, time seems to be in slow motion. Places quieten up. The pressure little to non-existent. Less and less buzzes on your devices from friends, family and work takes a pause. This is a great time to rebuild your life.

Routine in an intelligent man is a sign of ambition

  • Be it late evenings or early mornings, these periods seem to hold some ideas that only come to those who are awake. Don’t be age 80 but you have lived for only 40 years. Make use of the other half of your day.
    The question many may ask is what then can I do with the other half of my life? Here is a list of some suggested activities you can do:
    • Have a summary of news around the world. However, mind what you listen or watch. If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you are misinformed – Mark Twain
    • Read a book. Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book – Anon
    • Spend quality time meditating. By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation which is easiest; and third by experience, which is bitterest. Confucius
    • Listen to a podcast. Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young – Henry Ford
    • Send letters and messages of gratitude to those who made your day of collaborated with you. Appreciation is application for more sometimes – My Mother
    • Learn a new skill or work on improving one. Recall, Little by little soon becomes a lot – Tanzanian proverb.
    • Take your time to pray/ meditate.

Everyone will die someday, but not everyone will have lived